Nibco Nmfs21Dadc, St-1805-66 Manual Valve, Fpt Body, V200045Lf

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NIBCO, NMFS21DADC, TS-1805-66 Manual Valve, FPT Body x Sweat Tailpiece, Stainless Steel Ball and Stem 1-1/2" x 2", V150045LF Lead-free 1805 Series fixed orifice manual balancing valve, Brass is faster and easier to set because it does not require any special calculators or meters

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Integral pressure temperature ports provide a direct readout across the orifice optimum flow is quickly and accurately determined by simply measuring the differential pressure

Manual balancing valves are equipped with a union end that will provide up to a double reduction in inlet connection size

Maximum Working Pressure 600 psi at 100 deg F Maximum temperature rating 250 deg F at 150 psi PTFE Seats EPDM O-ring Third-party certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Stainless Steel Ball and Stem