Lovejoy 84527103168, Bnz-60-920-2-N 2-Pass Water / Oil Cooler

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Features: Compact size – "Shell and Tube Design" Extended cooling surface Low pressure drop – high efficiency Heat removal up to 600 hp (500 kW) Oil flow rates up to 225 GPM (850 L / min) Removable end caps for easy cleaning Close-tolerance port face locations Interchangeable with Thermal Transfer EK series 100% pressure tested, leak-free performance Design flexibility BNZ Cooler Stacks: Tubes with aluminum fins provide extended cooler surface for additional cooler capacity in a compact package Aluminum fins are mechanically bonded to the tubes using a lube expansion process proprietary to Lovejoy Baffle plates are added to provide flow restriction for routing hot oil for the proper number of cooling passes Copper tubes are standard The BNZ Series of water - oil coolers provide an efficient way to cool hydraulic fluid utilizing shell and tube technology

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Cooling fluid, being typically water or water-glycol, flows through the cooling tubes running through the stack to carry the absorbed heat away

Hydraulic fluid to be cooled is circulated through the housing shell and passes across the cooling fins which transfers the heat to the cooling tubes in the stack

The design consists of an outer housing shell and a tube / fin bundle known as a stack , which fits inside the shell

This rugged design offers high heat removal in a compact package.