North American Signal Company Ta18Ls-A, Amber Traffic Assist Sections

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North American Signal Company, TA18LS-A, 12/24V Amber Traffic Assist Sections with 2 x 4 LED Lamp Section The LED Traffic Assist family of products are designed to direct traffic around slow moving or stopped vehicles

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Each High Impact LED is optically enhanced by adding a Lens over the LED

It also has 2 Warning Modes for advance warning for oncoming traffic

The TA36L-A comes with a 25' cable and a Touch Pad controller for simple operation

The TA36L-A is designed for interior or exterior applications

The features 2 sections with 4 LED lamp assemblies in each section

The patterns are identical to the TA36L-A

The two sections are connected with a 10' cable

They sequence from side to side in different modes