Mark-10 M7-50, Series 7 Professional Digital Force Gauge

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Mark-10, M7-50, Series 7 Professional Digital Force Gauge, 50 lbF/ 800 ozF/ 25 kgF/ 25000 gF/ 250 N Series 7 professional digital force gauges are designed with a number of sophisticated features for the most demanding tension and compression measurement applications.

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1st / 2nd peak capture ex

A base unit is specified, along with a multiplier, and 5-character name

Applicable events include Sample break detection also applicable to samples which slip, click, or otherwise reach a peak, then fall

Automatic Data Output / Save / Zero / I/O Pin Toggle Upon completion of several event types, the Series 7 can perform the following productivity-enhancing functions Automatically save the peak reading to memory

Completion of an averaging sequence

Configurable start and stop triggers are provided

Data from the storage buffer can be exported to data collection software such as MESUR trade gauge for further analysis and graphing

External trigger ex

Features High-speed 14, 000 Hz sampling rate Continuous data capture of up to 5, 000 data points, at up to 14, 000 Hz, downloadable to a PC Individual data point memory for up to 5, 000 data points, downloadable to a PC USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs Sample break detection with auto functions, including stopping movement on the ESM303 test stand 1st / 2nd peak detection Automatic output / data storage / zeroing upon various event completions 5 units of measurement, plus Coefficient of Friction, and user-defined unit with configurable name Programmable footswitch command string Programmable set points

Footswitch Command String Integrate your footswitch / automation system with a Series 7 gauge to improve testing ergonomics and efficiency no need for multiple key presses

For productivity enhancement, the gauges also feature automatic data output, data storage, and zeroing functions upon the completion of break detection, averaging, external trigger, and 1st / 2nd peak detection

Includes Carrying case Chisel Cone V-groove Hook Flat Extension rod Universal voltage AC adapter Battery Quick-start guide USB cable Resource CD USB driver, MESUR trade Lite software, MESUR trade gauge DEMO software, and user's guide NIST-traceable certificate of calibration with data Series 7 gauges include all the functions of Series 5 gauges, with several additional features, including high speed continuous data capture and storage, with memory for up to 5, 000 readings, at an acquisition rate of up to 14, 000 Hz

MESUR 8482 Lite tabulates continuous or single point data

One additional user-defined unit is provided for unique applications

One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation

Select from several commands, including request peak reading, zero the display, save to memory, and others

Series 7 force gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands, including the ESM303, to permit functions such as break testing, tensile testing, compression testing, dynamic load holding, PC control capability, and many other applications

Series 7 includes a coefficient of friction unit of measurement and user-defined unit of measurement

The data acquisition rate is variable and can be slowed to also capture longer events, such as structure relaxation, material expansion, and others

The gauges also feature programmable footswitch sequencing, break detection, and 1st / 2nd peak detection

The gauges feature 177 0.1 accuracy and a blazingly fast, industry-leading sampling rate of 14, 000 Hz, producing reliable results for extremely quick-action tests

The gauges include MESUR 8482 Lite data acquisition software

This unique function is ideal for capturing switch activation forces, sharp breaks, and other short-duration applications

Time delays can be inserted between each step

To measure the pressure produced by a circular compression plate on a foam sample, configure the multiplier based on the area of the plate, thereby converting a unit such as lbF into psi.

Toggle an I/O pin, for example to stop movement of an ESM303 test stand

Transmit the peak reading via USB, RS-232, or Mitutoyo output

Typical applications To measure the torque produced by pressing on a lever in a mechanical assembly, configure the multiplier based on the length of the lever, thereby converting a unit such as N into Ncm

Up to three steps may be programmed for a single footswitch activation

User-defined Unit of Measurement Series 7 gauges display 6 standard units of measurement

Using a Series 7 gauge could replace cumbersome and expensive data acquisition hardware and software

Zero the display

Switch activation

Tensile testing